The Living Uplands project was founded to focus attention on the sixth most endangered bird in the UK, the Black Grouse. The Black Grouse are best known for the males gathering on what is known as a ‘lek’. Males gather on the lek and display their feathers to attact a mate, particularly in April & May.

Living Uplands offers  teachers  a FREE cross-curricular education pack, bringing nature to the classroom. This offers schools the opportunity to bring nature into their classrooms. With particular focus on the drama of the Black Grouse lek, this project links directly to Keystage 1 & 2 curriculum and is an effective way to enhance Science and Literacy skills, and to promote pupil creativity and confidence.

There are pictures and videos, and occasional blog pieces on life on the Durham moors. This educational project will provide children and teachers a window into the upland moorlands and to see birdlife at first hand.

For access to our FREE educational resources, a school needs only to register with the site. This provides full access to the online resource. 

Durham Wildlife Trust is keen to develop this site further, and schools’ feedback will be invaluable.

Durham Wildlife Trust would like to thank the farm owner who has made this project possible. For the security of the Black Grouse population our partner  remains anonymous.

Recent Updates

Winter chill

January 22nd, 2018

While snow on the uplands is a beautiful sight, it is a tough time for birdlife.  Many birds take to the lower levels and find some shelter in dips and along walls or fences. Plus there is always the chance of some food at feeders close to the farm.  It is a reminder that at… Read more »

Counting the birdlife

July 20th, 2017

As we reported in May, we have started a long-term project to monitor the birdlife on the moor.  Annual monitoring is an excellent way to better understand bird populations and to make, or adjust, intervention on the moor to assist and assure healthy bird populations. The more information we gather, the more years we gather… Read more »

Spring brings new challenges

May 16th, 2017

This spring on the moor we have two exciting projects to report. First, a professional photographer visited to capture the Black Grouse at the peak of the lekking period, when the grey hen grouse come to pick the best of the Black Grouse males from the early morning displays of plumage and display. A selection… Read more »

Summer is on its way.

May 16th, 2016

Through the spring we had a MammalCam in the woods. Where the hare, badger and squirrel rummaged around at night. When Spring arrived a feeder was placed close to the farm, and birds arrived quickly. First Grouse. Pheasant too. And with Summer on the way, the Black Grouse are back on the lek, from before… Read more »