Spring is coming

It is still very cold on the moor, and wet.

Since last October there has been a Mammal Cam placed in pastures, part of a Durham Wildlife Trustproject. You can see more on the Durham Wildlife Trust website here.

In the Autumn there were lots of visitors to the pastures, at all times of the day and night. We had frequent and occasional visitors.

The Hare was often caught on Camera, feeding and leaping.

HareHare leaping

There were bigger animals such as roe deer,

and smaller ones such as a stoat scurrying along the animal track.

Of course there was also lots of bird life such as Pheasant, both hen pheasant and this cock pheasant with the wind on his tail.

And lots of the rare birds in the area, such as Black Grouse,

Grey Partridge, the English Partridge,

and every now and then a Red Legged Partridge, the French Partridge.

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