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Winter chill

While snow on the uplands is a beautiful sight, it is a tough time for birdlife.  Many birds take to the lower levels and find some shelter in dips and along walls or fences. Plus there is always the chance of some food at feeders close to the farm.  It is a reminder that at… Read more »

Counting the birdlife

As we reported in May, we have started a long-term project to monitor the birdlife on the moor.  Annual monitoring is an excellent way to better understand bird populations and to make, or adjust, intervention on the moor to assist and assure healthy bird populations. The more information we gather, the more years we gather… Read more »

Spring brings new challenges

This spring on the moor we have two exciting projects to report. First, a professional photographer visited to capture the Black Grouse at the peak of the lekking period, when the grey hen grouse come to pick the best of the Black Grouse males from the early morning displays of plumage and display. A selection… Read more »

Summer is on its way.

Through the spring we had a MammalCam in the woods. Where the hare, badger and squirrel rummaged around at night. When Spring arrived a feeder was placed close to the farm, and birds arrived quickly. First Grouse. Pheasant too. And with Summer on the way, the Black Grouse are back on the lek, from before… Read more »

Spring is coming

It is still very cold on the moor, and wet. Since last October there has been a Mammal Cam placed in pastures, part of a Durham Wildlife Trustproject. You can see more on the Durham Wildlife Trust website here. In the Autumn there were lots of visitors to the pastures, at all times of the… Read more »

Join in and learn about the Living Uplands

Prepare young learners for the Living Uplands springing into life in 2016. Our learning resources provide lots of ways to learn about life on the moors of the North East. Life starts to slow down through Autumn and into Winter on the moor, before Spring sees the cycle of new life start all over again…. Read more »

The story begins…

Living Uplands started with the idea of sharing the life of the Black Grouse with schools in the North East of England. That progressed from some photos taken in June 2015 of ground nesting birds and wildlife, notes on a bit of paper, and most recently to this website with its dedicated School Zone teaching… Read more »

Welcome to the Living Uplands.

This is a project developed in partnership with the Durham Wildlife Trust, which over time will bring together the many organisations who are dedicated to assuring a balance of nature is sustained on our upland moors in the North East of England. It has been inspired by the Black Grouse, one of the most endangered… Read more »