Teaching & Learning Resources

Find below our free series of educational resources that link to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 learning. There are five folders within which there is a series of educational worksheets. These are free to use. They are supported by useful links (below) and photo galleries and video clips which are elsewhere on the site (access through the top dropdown menu).

We also want to engage with schools and for the learning to be shared. Please email a picture (or more) and a few words about your activity to schools@livinguplands.com. If you send a photo you will have permissions for public use of any images that include pupils. We will include this on our blog, which we plan to expand over time. 


Adaptation: Just So stories.

Penguin Schools Resource http://www.teachitprimary.co.uk/bookshelf?CurrMenu=985&resource=22096

Life Cycle: Communication & Movement.

Honey Bee and the Waggle Dance: http://www.arkive.org/honey-bee/apis-mellifera/video-09b.html
Blue Footed Booby: http://www.arkive.org/blue-footed-booby/sula-nebouxii/video-09a.html
Peacock Spider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq-r20mlGes