Teaching and Learning Resources

Once registered Schools have free access to all our teaching and learning resources. To start registration, just go to the Join In page, complete the details and send. You will be provided with a registration password to enable access all School Zone materials.

The Black Grouse of the Durham moorland uplands

Use our library of resources to help your pupils understand about the Black Grouse, its unique habitat, and the balance of nature that enables this and other ground nesting birds to thrive.

Living Uplands teaching resource

The Science and cross-ciricular activities on this website have been designed to provide a range of activities at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Schools are free to choose all or some of the units.

The initial Resource Pack is made up of five sections:

  • Let the Investigations Begin
  • Habitat
  • Adaptation
  • Life Cycle
  • Food Chains

This is the Topic Plan for Let the Investigations Begin which has all the supporting resources available for download in the School Zone, once you join in. And there are plenty of useful links provided and video and photographs to use in the classroom, with more being added throughout the year. In the autumn we are hoping to place a webcam where Black Grouse gather during the day. All in the School Zone. Join in, today.

Literacy tasks

There is a range of connected literacy activities that schools are free to use, sourcing information from the programme resources or local environment.